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January 2022

How Microdata Improves Your Search Engine Visibility

Did you know that adding microdata to your website can help improve your search engine visibility? Microdata is a great way to ensure that your website appears as the top result for relevant queries, which can help you attract more visitors and improve your online presence. Microdata can also help you improve your click-through rate, as well as your overall ranking on search engines. If you are not familiar with microdata, here is a quick overview of how it can… Read More »How Microdata Improves Your Search Engine Visibility

How To Use HTML5 For Your Website

HTML5 is the latest version of HyperText Markup Language. It has many features that are often not available in previous versions, which provides benefits to marketers and developers of websites. One of these benefits is semantic elements for marking up content, which can help create well-structured and readable documents. There are also multimedia capabilities without third-party plugins, which can help with engaging users. Another benefit is microdata, which helps improve visibility on web pages semantically. Using HTML5 by marketers will… Read More »How To Use HTML5 For Your Website